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Monday, August 22, 2011


The Kalamassery Police arrested 6 people including the actress reshma from a 2 storey house on Monday evening. everyone who heard about it was shocked.People rushed to the police station to have a look at reshma. Some people looked at here admiringly from a distance.

When Reshma was taken to a hospital for medical examination in the evening the fans rushed over there too. After the medical examination which lasted a few hours 4 girls including reshma and 2 men came out of the hospital. Reshma wore a purdah to escape the roving eyes of the camera. All 6 of them covered their faces.

Now let us go to the background story

Mysore Kalyannagar Reshma ( 23 yrs) Bangalore Vijayanagar Simran (21) Quilon Punalor ramya (19) etc etc were arrested by Kalamassery SI R Saleem.

They were arrested from a house which was in a property of 27 cents and had 3 AC rooms, swimming pool, Minibar etc
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